Varnam Competition Results

25 Dec. 2016
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Varnam Competition Results here

Prize Distribuition Function Details
:: 07.02.2015 (Saturday)
:: Mini Hall
(2nd floor), Barathiya Vidhya Bhavan, Mylapore Kendra
:: 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm

by TMV trust held on 25.12.14 at Mylapore

for details - contact 24983414 / 9962303217


released Book of "72 Melakartha Varnams and 35 Thaala Varnams" on 12 December 2012 at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, Chennai Kendra









Varnam plays a most important role in Carnatic Music. For Better understanding of keerthanai we need to master well in Varnams.Once we practice and master ourselves in varnams, Keertanas are made very simple and easy. When we learn a language either to read or write, we need to learn the Grammar of that particular language, Similarly for Music,Varnam becomes its Grammar. Thus Varnam becomes a strong foundation for learning Carnatic Music.

           By practicing many Varnams, we can easily understand the Ragam and Thalam of those of Varnams.

           By learning Varnams, we easily  adapted to KALPANA SWARAM, RAGA AALAPANAI, NIRAVAL,SWARAM,THANAM and enables us to sing without mistakes.

           Each Ragam has its own style aaroghanam and avaroghanam and its own style of singing which can be easily understand using Varnam.

           To make learning of Varnam easy and understandable for all, Mrs.Rukmani SivaKumar (Founder of TMV Trust) has composed Varnam in Tamil in 72 Ragam and 35 Talam.


If you are interested in learning this Varnam, Kindly Contact Mrs.Rukmani SivaKumar,

        Email ID: 
Mobile No: 9962303217


We also have learning CD’s for these Varnams.

The main motto of this TMV Trust is to compose and publish Varnam for all Ragas and make everyone understand music easily through Varnams.

We invite you also to join with us in “Our Music Journey “

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